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Full Orthodontics

Our full orthodontics is an affordable and cost-effective solution to aligning your teeth

Traditional orthodontic treatments can be an effective and reliable choice for adults and adolescents alike. Traditional full orthodontics can be used for cosmetic reasons, such as straightening slightly crooked teeth, or more medical reasons, such as properly aligning overcrowded teeth or treating malocclusions (bite). At Australia Fair Dental Care in Southport we are happy to recommend orthodontic treatment if it is in the best interest for you or your adolescent child.

How can braces help me?

Traditional orthodontic braces are generally used to:

  • Ultimately help teeth function better
  • Reduce the risk of decay or infection caused by dental anomalies
  • Reduce the pressure placed on the gums, jaws and surrounding teeth
  • Properly align teeth for an enhanced aesthetic

By treating these issues braces may be able to save you time and money in the long term! At your consultation, we will conduct a thorough orthodontic assessment that may include the need for digital x-rays so our dentists can gain greater insight into any issues beneath the gums. Treatment times for this orthodontic system generally vary and largely depend on the complexity of the case, but most patients experience results in 18-24 months.

Will brushing my teeth be difficult with braces?

While traditional braces do require some personal adjustment and getting used to, keeping your smile clean doesn’t have to be difficult! Be sure to brush and rinse your mouth after each meal to remove any trapped food debris. Brushing will take longer as all the areas around the braces and between the teeth will require your attention. Be sure to brush gently but thoroughly, as plaque accumulation can cause the gums to become infected or inflamed.

What recovery do I need for braces?

For the first few days expect your teeth to be a bit sore and sensitive: this is normal as your teeth adjust to the braces. The braces will also rub against your cheeks and lips which can irritate these soft tissues. After a week or so your mouth should become used to your braces and the pain and sensitivity you may initially feel should become minimal.

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