Our Facilities

At Australia Fair Dental Care, we provide the latest advancements in technology to ensure our patients can have the most comfortable, efficient and effective dental experience possible.

Explore just some of the advanced technology we use at the practice below:

dental radiography intra oral sensor wireless 72550 3684005

Digital Intra Oral Radiography

Digital radiography is one of the most powerful advancements in dental technology to date and offers dramatically reduced radiation levels, increased precision and easily storable and transferrable data.

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Kodak 9000c OPG Ceph 86538

Digital OPG

Digital X-ray machine that not only takes x-rays of the whole jaw, but can also take single x-rays of either side of the mouth (bitewings), cross-sections and TMJ images. This cutting edge technology allows us to take the required images immediately and means no more waiting time for you as...

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01 digital oral camera

Digital Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral digital camera is mainly used as an educational tool to show patients the inside of their mouths and help the dentist to identify any issues. Patients can view what the camera is seeing on the screen to get a close up view of their teeth, allowing the dentist and...

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new lab2

In-House Ceramic Dental Laboratory

For crowns, veneers and implant supported crowns and bridges. The advantages of having an in-house Dental Laboratory is extensive. From quality control to instant correction and adjustment, this facility is fast and efficient and will limit time patients need to spend at the dentist.

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In-House Acrylic Dental Laboratory

For implant dentures, acrylic and metal dentures, occlusal splints and sports mouth guards. Duncan Du Buisson, our Prosthetist, uses the Acrylic Dental Lab to make all dentures, mouth guards and bleach trays in house, cutting the time patients need to spend in the dental chair.

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